Developing State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Governance Systems

  • SR 109 Scenic BywayThe Grays Harbor Council of Governments (COG) and partners completed a concept plan for the SR 109 Scenic Byway. A project brochure highlights things to do and see from Hoquiam to Taholah and points in between, including Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, North Bay Flats, SR 115 communities, North Beach communities and Quinault Indian Nation. The partners will next submit an application for designation to the federal government which could result in funding for signage and other amenities along the route, as well as increased promotion as vacation destination.
  • Grays Harbor COG developed a Transportation Needs Brochure outlining critical projects including the Hoquiam River (Simpson Avenue) Bridge replacement; Gateway Mall access improvements; Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) enhancements; a full truck route alternative for SR 109 and other priorities including pedestrian and bike trail improvements.
  • Rail InfrastructureTo meet increasing customer and trade demand, the Port of Grays Harbor has added 37,000 feet of rail infrastructure in the marine terminal complex while PSAP has initiated construction on a one-mile passing track and bridge renovations to accommodate the main line serving Grays Harbor. Rail traffic reached 16,500 rail cars in 2011.
  • The Grays Harbor PUD and City of Elma recently received a low-interest Public Works Trust Fund loan of $4 million to improve wastewater treatment capacity at the Satsop Development Park. The new transmission line will transport wastewater to an offsite treatment facility in Elma. As a result, this new connection will use excess capacity in the Elma plant and create new investment opportunity at the business park, where wastewater capacity had been identified as the number one barrier to new development.
  • The Aberdeen and Hoquiam Police Departments are exploring the potential of combining services to expand local jail capacity and sentencing alternatives for judges. Under the proposal, the underutilized Hoquiam jail would be opened several days each week, with Aberdeen staffing to oversee operations. The proposal assumes no net increase in costs for either party.