Grays Harbor 2020


Walking & Bicycling in Grays Harbor County

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Map: Grays Harbor Walks and Trail Locations

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Map: Bicycling in Grays Harbor County

About Grays Harbor 2020

Action Plan

The Grays Harbor 2020 Vision and Action Plan was developed over a three-year period as part of the most extensive community engagement process ever conducted in Grays Harbor. More than 2,000 people took advantage of the opportunity to share their goals and aspirations for the future. Volunteers sifted through 3,500 suggestions and ultimately proposed 120 priority programs and projects to help advance the community’s Vision for a more sustainable Grays Harbor. View the full plan.

Vision Implementation Underway

CalendarOver the last several years, the two dozen local organizations that stepped up to share implementation responsibility have made great strides. To learn more about their accomplishments, check out the 2014 Grays Harbor 2020 Calendar.

The Grays Harbor 2020 Executive Board hosted a Community Open House and discussion on March 11 at Weatherwax High School in Aberdeen. You can view the 2013 year in review presentation here. Check back for proposed next steps in April.

Good News
Open House Presentation