Fact Sheet

Facts & Figures

More than anything else, Grays Harbor 2020 is a focused effort to connect people with one another and their community.  With this goal in mind, vision volunteers set out to hear from as many people as possible through a wide variety of outreach activities. Boy, did you respond! Here’s a look at some of the numbers:

1   project video, featuring Governor Gregoire, US Sens. Cantwell and Murray, and US Rep. Dicks
30   pages in the Grays Harbor data profile identifying key planning challenges and opportunities
37   community plans and studies were reviewed to ensure visioning meshed with local priorities
98   photos submitted to “day in the life” on project website
160   citizens signed-up to serve on one or more action planning groups (anchor teams)
329   individuals attended early project scoping forums
398   members of Grays Harbor 2020 Facebook page
481   citizens participated in regional meetings (Aberdeen. Elma, Ocean Shores, Oakville, Westport)
1,023   residents reached through presentations to 45 community groups
3,118   action ideas received from Grays Harbor residents
15,000   attendees stopped by Grays Harbor 2020 booth at trade shows and other business forums
1,069,391   visitor hits at www.graysharbor2020.com through February 2014

These figures provide a snapshot of the many Grays Harbor 2020 community engagement activities.  Additional outreach included information exchanges with schools, legislators, non-English speaking populations, potential implementation partners and many other groups.